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Membership 2024-25

Carmarthen Golf Club offer a wide variety of membership options to meet the needs members of all age groups.

Before looking at our membership packages why not take a look at our video "A day in the life of a member at Carmarthen Golf Club"?

Carmarthen Golf Club membership offers a number of benefits (see separate page below titled ‘Why join Carmarthen Golf Club?), the best one being that the course naturally dries out quickly, even after heavy rain.  This unique quality means the course will never be closed for general play due to wet weather, hence the Clubs ‘Always Open' strapline. 

To review the Clubs membership packages in greater detail please contact our Club Manager to discuss your options. 

For our Membership Application Form please click here

CASC Membership

Carmarthen Golf Club is an approved Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) which means that we are open to all of the community when it comes to participating in golf.

Interested members on a low income may be eligible for CASC membership. This is a special rate offered to anyone who can demonstrate that this would be the only rate of membership option affordable to them. CASC membership offers the same benefits of full membership.

Please contact the Office to discuss further – 01267 281588 (option 2).